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Swara Leela Music Institute

I’m Kalki Aravind. I’m very interested in playing music. I’m interested in music since I’m five. I have learned over 10 instruments in the presence of well-known teachers and institutions. I participated in over 50 cultural events and also got first in statewide conducted events participated in many musical events. After all this, I reached these heights in music and I’m still approaching music from a different way. Music is my passion. I started to learn music with very much eagerness, and I reached heights in music. I have learned over 10 instruments in these Six years. I’m very fond of playing guitar, Violin and Keyboard. I also got participated in many cultural events and also got first & Seconds.


A Music Institute Like No Other

After all this now I’m doing some experiments in Indian Classical Music. Not only these I’m trying some experiments in Western music like Rock, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Metal, Country music, Ragga, Classical music.

After all these efforts I reached this stage. Hope this would be reached to people who are interested in music but can’t effort.
Not only classes , I’m writing some books that also give you extra knowledge those books are Carnatic Music Certificate and Diploma Course Book with Both Theory (English) & Practical from beginner to professional and also The Similarities and Difference between classical and western music so that you can distinguish differences and also gain Good knowledge.

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“It’s never to late to start something than doing nothing”